SportsMan SQL is quality parks and recreation and golf management software, founded on years of customer input, and the idea that software should be easy to use and reliable.


SportsMan SQL is an industry leading Parks and Recreation Management Software solution, a unique combination of software and services designed for all recreation and activity organizations. Our parks and recreation management software solution has been designed with ease of use and reliability in mind, combining leading edge technology with years of customer-driven enhancements.


Our clients use SportsMan SQL for membership management, program registrations, youth sports league registrations and scheduling, adult and team sports registrations and scheduling, internet registrations, tournament and season scheduling, YMCA membership management, facility reservations, point of sale and concessions, and much more.


  • Offer transactions online without the headache or cost of hosting your own site or giving up access to your data.
  • Process credit cards in-house without an expensive credit card terminal.
  • Easy installation and setup; no need for an IT Department.
  • Expandable; add new modules, sites, or seats as you need them.
  • Cost-effective; no per-transaction fees, one-time upfront cost and low maintenance fees.
  • Users get unlimited training and support.

Solution vs. Software

SportsMan SQL is more than just software, it's a solution backed by talented individuals that will help your business succeed and excel. Whether it's training, implementation or listening and improving the software, our staff is committed to helping you make the most of SportsMan SQL.

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SportsMan SQL Modules

The advantages of SportsMan SQL's modular design are expandability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Core - (includes Activity Registrations, Facility Reservations, Reporting and Rentals)
  • Membership & Admittance
  • Internet - (includes Online Activity Registrations and Facility Reservations)
  • Internet Login
  • Point of Sale
  • Attendance
  • Inventory Control