Features Overview

Activity Registration

The activity registration component allows you to easily create, define and organize your activities. Using a unique tree view, we combine all the traditional registration categories such as youth sports, team sports, programs, swimming lessons and time slot registrations into one place. This layout allows you to group your activities in the most logical and intuitive fashion so your staff and customers can find their activity easily.

Just a few of the notable features are:

  • Custom Registration Questions: Define questions required to be answered when enrolling for an activity. Assign fees based on responses and credit them to different GL accounts.
  • Waiting Lists: Manage the registration overflow efficiently.
  • Class Days and Times: Specify the days and times activities occur. Prints days, times and other activity and reservation information directly to customer receipts and waivers. These times can also reserve your facility to prevent double booking and create a master schedule.
  • Custom Waivers: Sportsman provides both annual waiver or individual and custom waivers per activity type. Need a special waiver for Judo? No problem!
  • Age Verification: Set registration age limits on any activity.
  • Custom Activity Reporting: Build custom reports that include data from activity registrations, including any custom questions that have been defined.

Once you click register, the activity is dropped into our cash register cart. where you can either checkout or add other items to your purchase.

Facility Reservation

The facility management component gives you control over your resources, allowing you to easily and quickly make reservations for members in your system, and to schedule them for league games or program activities and classes.

  • Facility Reservations: Schedule parks, pavilions or rooms.
  • Attach Fees: Fees as well as history is tied right to a member.
  • Block Reservations: Allocate multiple blocks for organizations such as soccer leagues or clubs that need access to your fields and rooms. Create invoices to mail to your customers itemizing all the details.
  • League Reservations: Allow your programs to reserve rooms creating a master schedule for your entire facility.
  • Online Access: Allow patrons to view and reserve facilities from the convenience of their own computer

Financial Reporting

SportsMan SQL financial reports and functionality have been refined by customer feedback and collaboration with CPAs and auditors.

  • Financial Reports: Generate reports that are useful and easy to understand. A wealth of detail and summary reports give clear pictures of your revenue
  • Account Management: Specify and use multiple general ledger accounts to ensure that funds are handled properly.
  • Cash Management: Combine daily tills into a single deposit which matches your deposit sheet.
  • Profit & Loss: Easily track revenue and record expenses for your activities.
  • Export: Export your data to Excel or customized data formats for your accounting system.

Dedicated Support

Although we accept emails and web support, we are fully staffed to answer your call and consider this our primary means of answering questions. Our friendly support technicians use state of the art remote control software if necessary to step you through any situation if a simple discussion is not enough. They are versed on all aspects of recreation management.

Because we know that your success is critical, the cost of support is included in our customer care. There are no extra fees to talk to a person. Ever.


The rental component of SportsMan SQL makes it easy to rent lockers after the sale of a membership, or rent any other resource individually. Use this for picnic fun kits, recreational equipment or anything you want to rent.

  • Flexible Periods: Rent by hourly or any time slot, by the week, the day, month or year.
  • Recurring Billing: Set up recurring billing definitions to easily extend rentals on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.
  • Suggestion Hook: Configure Sportsman to automatically prompt for a locker rental or other services at the end of a membership sale.
  • Powerful Reporting: Print out reports of rentals and availability.

Online Registration, Reservation & Membership

The internet registration module is the most affordable internet registration solution available! Using your existing internet connection, Peak Software will provide you with your own registration website to allow participants to register for activities and make facility reservations on the internet. With our hosted solution, you will be able to manage your website, internet registrations and reservations with ease.

The user friendly web customization tools give you the ability to manage the look and content of your ActivityReg® online registration website, allowing for a more seamless integration with your current recreation or city website. See more at our Customer Gallery Here!

  • Real Time Transactions: Updates and changes in SportsMan SQL are relayed immediately to the web and transactions made on the web are recorded immediately and reported in SportsMan SQL.
  • Shopping Cart: Register for several activities with one payment.
  • Facility Reservations: Allow visitors to view availability and amenities of the parks and facilities and easily make reservations.
  • Easy Setup: Setup and configuration is simple.
  • Cost Effective: Low annual fee with no per transaction cost.

Online Customer Login

Customers can log in to their account with their email address and password to manage their personal information, review reservations and activities, make payments and even use credits and discounts from their account!

  • Simplified Signup: When logged in, there is no need to input contact information for each registration or reservation.
  • Review Registrations and Reservations: Customers can easily view the activities they have registered for and facilities they have reserved.
  • Update Information: Customers can update their personal and contact information, and can also add new individuals to their group.
  • Make Payments: Customers can make payments towards an outstanding balance on their account.
  • Use Credits: Customers can use account credits for online registrations or reservations.

Membership Management

The membership management module is used to manage all of your organization's memberships and to control and monitor access.

  • Manage Memberships and Passes: Manage memberships and one time, punch, or day passes.
  • Recurring Memberships Easily process monthly, annual, semi-annual and quarterly memberships.
  • Admittance Controls: Generate admittance reports. Restrict access to specified areas by age, gender, or membership type.
  • Capture Member Photos and Print IDs: Create your own membership cards with the built in editor.
  • Time Tracking: Track employee time using bar codes for easy clocking in and out.

Admittance Control & Reporting

Track and control admissions into your center for an overview of usage.

  • Track Admissions: Track regular membership admissions, daily pass admissions and punch card admissions.
  • Modern Admittance Equipment: Add admission control equipment like barcode readers and relay switches to streamline and improve your patron's experience.
  • Admittance Controls: Restrict access to specific locations by age, gender and membership type.

Point of Sale

The point of sale module integrates functionality and reporting from other components of SportsMan SQL into one easy to use, customizable screen for quick and efficient transactions.

  • Cash Register: All sales transactions and scheduling can be efficiently processed through the cash register screen.
  • Process Credit Cards: Process credit cards directly from the cash register screen.
  • Customizable Buttons: Add hundreds of custom buttons to the cash register screen to expedite face to face transactions.
  • Print Receipts: Print narrow receipts for transactions.
  • Manage Cash Drawer: Automatically open the cash drawer at the close of a transaction.
  • Gift Cards: Sell, redeem, and manage gift cards and gift certificates.

Attendance Tracking & Billing

The attendance tracking module in SportsMan SQL will enable you to easily admit individuals to classes simply by scanning a barcode.

  • Track Admissions: Enable automatic attendance for class participants that records them as present when they scan their barcode around the time of the class. It even allows them access to a gate only at that time.
  • Simple Editing: Allows instructors to easily correct rosters or enter attendance if manual recording is necessary such as a remote location.
  • Powerful Reporting: Print out attendance reports for any activity which has the feature enabled.
  • Attendance Based Billing: Bill enrolled participants for each class they attend, offering greater flexibility.

Inventory Control

The inventory control module will enable you to manage your inventory with ease and flexibility. Reports and customized purchase orders help maximize efficiency when managing your inventory.

  • Track Inventory Easily: Merchandise items sold at point of sale are automatically subtracted from your inventory.
  • Use UPC and Other Barcodes: Easily sell and track items with their UPC code or generate and print your own barcode labels.
  • Customized POs: Customize your purchase orders to match your vendor's specifications.
  • Powerful Reporting: Generate reports to monitor the flow of your inventory and supplies.
  • Automate Reordering: Easily create and approve POs when inventory levels reach a predefined quantity.

Golf Course Management

The golf course management module integrates features of the other modules that will simplify operation of your golf courses without adding the cost of additional modules. Use online reservations for activities, facilities, and tee times, inventory control and point of sale for your pro shops, membership management, and more.

  • Tee Sheets: Easy reservation and check out for in-house and online tee times.
  • Golf Cart & Equipment Sales: Quickly and easily add golf cart and equipment rental fees before the sale is finalized.
  • Membership Management: Provide golf memberships, or tie golf course privileges in with existing memberships for any site in the system.
  • Pro Shop Management: Benefit from integrated point of sale, inventory control, cash till handling, payment processing, financial reporting, and more at your pro shops.
  • Online Reservations: Allow customers to log in and make tee time or facility reservations or to sign up for activities.
  • Online Account Management: Customers can review their reservation and registration history online and make payments.

PCI Security

SportsMan SQL can help you achieve PCI compliance by removing the risk of transmitting and storing sensitive credit card data. SportsMan SQL implements a PCI mode for ensuring security of sensitive information and simplifying the requirements of PCI compliance for your department.

Automatic Backups & Updates

SportsMan SQL simplifies backing up your valuable data to small compressed files for easy storage. More importantly, it can monitor to make sure they are being done. If you use our Cloud Hosting service, all this tedious and critical work is done for you each and every night.

In addition to backups, SportsMan SQL makes distributing updates easy. When a new version of the software is installed, a copy is sent to the server where all the clients will automatically download and run it.

Supported Credit Card Payment Vendors

SportsMan SQL is compatible with the following Credit Card Payment Vendors:

Company Phone Number Product Voids Credits Chip
First American Payment Systems 856-861-3434 Go E-Merchant Yes Yes Yes
North American Acquiring 877-481-2756 Authorize.net Yes Yes No
Authorize Net 888-323-4289 Online Merchant
Card Present
CyberSource 888-330-2300 Hosted Page
Simple API
Elavon 800-725-1243 Virtual Merchant No No No
iTransact 801-298-1212 Standard
NetDeposit 877-729-8325 Modern Payments No No No
Planet Payment 877-447-3938 iPay No No No
Electronic Transaction Systems 800-834-7790 Ecommerce Yes No No
PayPal 888-847-2747 Payflow Pro
Payflow Link
Skipjack 888-368-8507 Skipjack Gateway Yes No No
XPress Bill Pay 800-768-7295 Merchant Gateway No No No

ActivityReg Online Site Gallery

Sportsman's ActivityReg Website is very customizable. Browse the lists below to see the creative styles created by your peers. Find something you like, our staff can help you create the perfect site for your department. Using Sportsman designer tools, you don't need to be a Web Designer guru for professional results!

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